Introducing; another unreliably updated blog.

I’ve always been bad at first posts so I’m starting this one off with a little background in hopes it’ll give readers an idea of what to expect. Since the mid 90s I’ve ran personal “blogs”, back then in forms of postings on the BBS I ran. I’d post on, A world-wide message board strung together by whatever communication method possible using computers running in people’s basements sometimes thrown together through dumpster diving. I originally started posting howtos and documenting projects on a regular basis and gained a decent following. Eventually I got on the internet through a local service provider using my fancy 33.6k modem and some PPP/SLIP software. At that point I moved on to USENET and started posting tips on obtaining old server equipment on the cheap through banks and liquidators. The 90s had a hit a point where enterprise computers were expensive to buy but cheap to throw away when the company folded. I wrote about my experience finding liquidators and refurbishing broken enterprise equipment. A lot of my audience ended up being schools running on donated equipment without access to vendor documentation that’s typically locked behind a service contract.

Later in 2002 I had purchased my first domain and started blogging with a friend’s custom software. At that point in my life I worked IT for a startup healthcare company so I posted about my experience with new technologies. Later the startup I had worked for was purchased by a massive Fortune 50 company and posts shifted to the trials and tribulations of implementing regulatory policies in IT. I’d also preach about the importance of proper HIPAA implementations and my frustrations with why faxing still exists, two things I still stand quite firm on. Fast-forward to today and I’m a bit more experienced, slightly more mature and have much better stories.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Until next time, Cheers!


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